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With the increase of culture interconnection worldwide, more and more people began to pay attention to Muslim culture, especially their distinctive wedding.There are about 45 Muslim countries in the world, and their wedding dresses feature different styles and fashions among these countries. I think that is because different countries have their local dresses and local Islam cultures. However, in order to show respect to the Islamic beliefs, all of the Muslim wedding dresses should have several layers of clothing and head covering.

Today we will show you the different bridal fashion among different Muslim countries.

Women in Saudi Arabia choose to wear abaya on their weddings. It is usually in white, pink, blue, or some other lighter colors, different from the black garment of Islam they wear in daily life. You can find contrasting lace and beautiful embroidery on the top layer of dresses for a stunning and luxurious look. Iraq Brides are not allowed to leave their arms visible, sometimes they not only need to wear long sleeves, but also wear long veils which extend from the neck to cover their hands.

Red wedding dresses are common ones for Muslim dresses in Palestine. In India, wedding dress looks like a sari with a matching veil, while dresses in Palestine are decorated with complicated pattern and a dark-red background. They like high neckline design which creates an elegant and modern look.

I think Red Indian wedding dresses are more popular and fashionable. Elizabeth Hurley chose to wear traditional Indian bridal gown to attend her Hindu wedding ceremony held in Indian. Look at the pictures above, She is beautiful and fantastic.

Actually, many Muslim wedding dresses resemble the western style. With high neck and long sleeves, they are always made of satin and silk. Unlike common Muslim dresses, this kind of dress uses head wrap and headpiece for head covering.